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    1. I’m still looking at the European and Japanese economic and market pictures a few times a week. I think the TSP I Fund is going to do well – probably better than the TSP S Fund over the next year although with a bit more volatility – but I’m not sure I can articulate a really cogent argument for “why” just yet. Ironically, if I didn’t write a newsletter about Thrift Savings Plan strategy I would probably have moved 10 or 15% over to the TSP I Fund a few months ago, but since I’m having a hard time really making a logical case I haven’t made the move.

          1. Hi Paul — with the I Fund getting crushed of late, have you been considering any imminent re-allocations?

            Thanks and best regards.

  1. Why even bother with the I Fund? Over the long run, that would be 10yrs back to inception, C and S have been the growth funds.

  2. I want to track the I Fund, so what is the correct symbol that can be used to track it?

    I tried the following symbols, but I’m not sure which is the right one:

    (DBES) Deutsch X-trackers MSCIEAFE SmCp HdgdEq



    Learning as I go. :mrgreen:

  3. Hello Paul,
    I just joined the site and like it. The information is very helpful.
    Do you post annual performance for the TSP fund you recommend throughout each year?

      1. sorry- I did not state the question clearly. I meant the “TSP allocation” that you recommended monthly (or bimonthly), not the S,C, F,G and L fund performances.
        Thank you again!

        1. Yes, I’m curious about this too. Great site, great info — but how do you know your strategy is better than buy-and-hold?

  4. Hi Paul,

    I’m new and i’m looking for a few pointers. I just got my login info/account setup for TSP and have been contributing to it for the past year. I’m trying to wrap my head around this whole TSP. I guess my first question is starting out new and starting out young, what should my ideal allocations be contributed to? As far as the (S,C,F,G). Currently i’m contributing 90% to the C-Fund and 10% to the G-Fund. Is this a good start or do I have this all wrong? Any guidance will help…

    1. Read the articles on the home page. There are not that many and all give the basics about what this site is all about. Very good information in those articles. What I think you will find most interesting is F Fund vs. G Fund in TSP Allocation.

    2. Go all in on the C fund (S&P 500). If you don’t believe me, just ask Warren Buffett. Put it in the C fund and let it ride.

    1. I know you weren’t asking me but TSP 101 is that the larger the year number, the more aggressive the investment. G fund/L 2020 is for the no or little risk

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