Thrift Savings Plan Fund Performance and Returns

The links below will take you to Thrift Savings PlanĀ fund performance data. It is important to put this information into perspective – you do not need to be looking at your TSP balance or TSP fund returns on a daily or weekly basis. Reviewing TSP returns on a monthly basis is more than sufficient to utilize fund performance trends as a current indicator of where we are in the economic cycle.

TSP Funds Summary of Returns: from the TSP.GOV website, these charts show average annual TSP fund performance, TSP fund returns for the past five years, and monthly TSP fund returns for the past 12 months.

Extended TSP Performance Chart: for the geeks out there who want to play with more numbers, this chart provides historical performance data on what the TSP funds returns would have been based on the indices which the funds track back all the way back to 1980, as well as providing the Fed Funds Rate and GDP Growth Rates for those years.

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