What happened to the dog in the hat?

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    Hey!! Where did the dog in the top hat go? I loved that guy!!


    TS Paul

    That’s too funny. I waited three weeks for someone to finally post on the message board instead of emailing me and instead of a complicated TSP loan or FERS question, the ‘dog in the hat’ was the first topic raised.

    For anyone who hasn’t been following along on social media, I did change my avatar a few weeks ago from this:

    TS Pal

    I have been doing some collaboration on the site with a few like-minded investors whose opinions I respect and one of them told me that the older picture was a bit juvenile and just might cause some readers to not take the website seriously. I am sure that it was just a coincidence, but traffic to the site did really start to take off about the time I made the switch.

    I did create a hidden page just for him so he will never really be gone here.

    Thanks very much for breaking the ice and posting the first topic. -TS

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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