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    TS Paul

    I have received a lot of emails and there have been a few great comments posted on the website, so I know that there is an interest in sustaining a dialog on some subjects and creating a community of Feds who want to learn more about investing strategies. Please feel free to post on any TSP or FERS topic in which you have an interest – either questions for the community or ideas which you want to share.

    I am smart enough to know that there are a lot of other people out there smarter than I am, so all views are welcome including discussion of other investing strategies and other TSP investing websites. Please just don’t do a drive-by with a link back to your site though, stay and engage here.

    I’m not big on rules, so we will leave things pretty open to start with and see how that works out. I will edit or delete posts which are profane, include personal attacks, or are spam.

    If you have any ideas for ways to improve the message board (or any aspect of TSPallocation.com for that matter), please let me know.


    The TSP Allocation Guide www.TSPallocation.com


    I really enjoyed the information that you provide here. Now I have a better understanding of the Thrift Savings Plan and I can improve my earnings for retirement.

    Thanks for taking the time to make us smarter about our finances.


    I just found your site and have been reading all the articles. Wonderful Information.

    My question: I have about 25% of my TSP sitting in the G Fund and would like to follow your allocation of getting that to the S Fund. When is the best time to do that? Should I just make the move now or do it in increments?

    Thank You So much for this informative Site.


    Thank you for providing this information. It has been an education for me.

    I have played with many different strategies of asset allocations between the various TSP funds.

    I avoided all the down side from the crash and thought I would try the 2020 fund for awhile.

    I am diverting new money to the G fund expecting to buy on the dip I expect in January – February, which overall seems to be the norm the last decade. In addition, the expected congressional nonsense and the uncertainty it brings will not help matters.

    I am interested in trying this business cycle strategy. It makes sense. Do you think it would be better to buy into the S on the dips or go all in?



    Just found this site and what an eye-opener! I have no background in this and just played it safe, which is not maximizing my results. Does time remaining in the workforce matter? I plan to work about ten more years and I haven’t saved as I should. I want to put it all in the S fund now and I have signed up to follow this website. My thanks to you for this service. And I appreciate your answer about how long I plan to work.

    TS Paul

    Thanks for all of the kind words. I just caught that there were a couple of different questions up above, so I’ll respond to all of those at once here.

    Bear in mind that I am forbidden from giving individual investing advice. What I do here on this website is talk about what I do and try (with not a lot of success) to get other folks talking about what they are doing.

    With respect to the question about time remaining in the workforce, see the thread below titled “Near retirement”: http://www.tspallocation.com/forums/topic/near-retirement/

    There were two questions up there about how/whether to time interfund transfers. Take a look at the “Reserve fund in G” thread for my thoughts on both saving money to buy on dips and “averaging in”: http://www.tspallocation.com/forums/topic/reserve-fund-in-g/

    The TSP Allocation Guide www.TSPallocation.com


    Thank you so much for creating such a clear website for explaining your TSP investment approach. With only 2 years in FED service and many ahead of me, I’m eager to capitalize on the potential of compound interest, but have only a developing grasp of the market. Your posts have been incredibly helpful, with links to concrete data and sites. I’m looking into the recommended reading you’ve posted under your resources tab, and wondered if there were any other periodicals you read on a regular basis?

    TS Paul

    I don’t subscribe to any regular publications besides the Wall Street Journal, but I suppose I read bits and pieces of just about all of them online.

    I hit the NY Times business section and Marketwatch every day and at least skim the headlines. I read the editor’s choice pieces from the Economist. And then between my twitter and pulse feeds I probably have about 50 other sources of financial information routinely coming my way (everything from Bloomberg to technology and financial bloggers with a smaller audience than I have).

    I read just about everything I see, but with a very cynical eye. So much out there is junk – stories manufactured to capture attention and page views which sells ads (a lot of what you see on Marketwatch and in Business Insider is that way – all those “Top 5 hot stocks” and “Ten Myths About…” pieces). And a lot of it is just plain wrong – tired adages which get repeated without question over and over again.

    FL Rural

    Great reading and I appreciate your writing about your TSP strategy. I’ve been in 24 years now and am seeing some very nice results from my time in the market. There have been ups and downs, some of which I weathered without actively moving my funds. I’ve always taken a long-term view of risk, but am lately appreciating the benefits of protecting profits earned during up periods from the inevitable downturns.

    I’ve seen so many of my co-workers who only invest a minimum percentage of their pay. I’ve preached a much more aggressive funding of the major portion of a federal employee’s retirement. It clearly isn’t enough to merely fund that account, but also to maximize our return with acceptable risk.
    I’ll be studying some more and look forward to reading more of your own experiences. Thank you for taking the time to write and post.

    claude moore

    just curious — when’s the next update coming?


    First off, really love the site. My question is: Does anyone on here have a Roth tsp and if so, what is their current contribution and do they change contribution percentage based upon the business cycle? Thanx in advance.

    H. Mathews

    thanks for the information. I have been flapping for about 10 years now. your site has really opened my eyes. I am a major in the military. we are told to use TSP but the education does not accompany the advise. What percentage of my earnings should go towards my TSP?


    This is an absolutely fantastic website. Thank you so much for doing what you do! It so very much appreciated. There is a plethora of information but you make it easy to navigate and understand. I hope you plan on continuing this website for many many years to come. Thanks again.


    When you say you have 100 percent allocation in S Fund, are you meaning past and future allocations?


    I am a federal employee and I’m planning to retire at the age of 57, got 15 years to go. I have been investing 15% since I started working for CBP (10 years) have been allocating my tsp in the C S I F G funds and at one point I was also investing on the 2030 fund. Is it wise to allocate 50% on the 2040 & 50% on the 2030? Or should I allocate 70% on the C S I and 30% On F G?


    I am new to your website and message board. I retire (mandatory) in about 6 months. I have been laying low in G because I was scared to take a risk. After reading your articles I found my “cohones” and am making a valiant effort to educate myself and take control of my Thrift Savings Plan. Thanks!


    Been looking at your site since 6/14, very informative. Would like more information on how to trade on the dips as I see so many others do. I feel as if I would have at least doubled my returns had I only knew the indicators to get out at the right time.

    TS Paul

    I don’t try to time short term dips or corrections. I am sure we will have one sometime in the next couple of months, but I just don’t see a way to predict those movements with any more accuracy than that so I largely ignore them.

    That said, if I have any cash on hand when we do see a quick drop I am quick to put that into the market. The market always recovers quickly, typically within a matter of weeks, so that has been an easy return to predict.

    The TSP Allocation Guide www.TSPallocation.com


    Thanks for setting this site up….straightforward common-sense approach to long term investing.


    I would like to double my TSP balance (~$300K). I have 5 years to go before retirement. What is the best TSP strategy to do this?


    Love this site. Tom: In addition to using info from TS Paul, The more that you can contribute, the more likely you are to reach your goal. You can put up to $24k currently ($18k normal plus $6k catch up if over age 50)


    I retired 1 yr ago @ age 63, have kept my TSP instead of moving it elsewhere and do not need to tap into it yet. Currently invested in G 10%, F 30%, C 60% because they are described as low to moderate risk. I would appreciate any comments RE: my investment strategy for someone who is retired. Thanks.

    Jack Cline

    Your last allocation recommendation was confusing. In one paragraph you say 100% into the I fund and in the next you say 100% into the C fund. What is your recommendation?
    12 Dec 16


    I just retired in August but under a special category so I got to leave at the age of 50. I also plan to keep my money in the TSP for the upcoming years. I actually follow Paul’s investing strategy as I see myself in it for the long haul. Even if I were to start taking monthly allotments (which I will try to keep from doing for the next 9 years due to other investments and part-time work) unless I need the whole of my TSP in a very short time frame I still expect to be invested for decades so why would I not stay invested under long term strategy. Withdrawing only 3-4% annually of the TSP means the rest is still growing. You may literally be living off your earnings and can almost maintain your TSP balance.


    Paul, what do you think about swing trading ? From what I have read sounds kind of something that would work by moving to the G fund after making a good run in the C and S fund, then waiting for the C and S funds to go down to jump back in this would protect what gains you made, wondering what your thoughts are on swing trading.


    Been in service for 11 years now. Ashamed to say I neglected my TSP and did very minimal contributions for 9 years. My balance was below 6k after 9 years. The past 2 years I was able to do 20% contributions and my balance is almost 30k with my past 12 months seeing 12% gains.

    I’m sad that I wasn’t serious about this until now, but am excited to research and watch my TSP grow. I’m not sure if I’m super behind with 11 years in service, but I’m doing what I can now to hopefully secure some financial security when I retire.


    In your discussion about retirement, you suggest protecting any projected large withdrawals in the G fund for perhaps 18 months. Isn’t it true that withdrawals are made in the percentage of the overall investment? If so, you would not be able to withdraw only your protected funds. Am I missing something? I am retired and not currently seeking a large sum, but always thinking to the future.

    Also, have you switched to an every-other-month delivery of your newsletter? Around the 22-27 of each month, I get antsy to read your next edition but didn’t see it in July.

    I really like your blog. Thank you so much for your efforts.


    sam ray

    Sure you’re enjoying your vacation…any chance you’re putting up an August update?


    Thanks for this website and all this info. I’ve been a federal employee (Registered Nurse) since age 23, and I’m now 33. I’ve had all my retirement money in the G-fund all this time, but I recently started researching investment info to broaden the power of my savings. This site is so clean cut and sincere; thanks for giving me the push I needed to break out of my rut and move into more aggressive investing. Your site makes me feel confident in taking money out of my G-fund and moving it to more profitable funds (and a little regretful that I left it in that low-yield G-fund for a decade). I’ve been fascinated by stocks, bonds and all kinds of markets and investments since I was a teenager, but I grew up VERY poor (like, boxes of welfare food poor), and I’ve never had any real experience or education on stocks, bonds, retirement, other investments, even basic savings accounts… other than my own limited research. I’ve always been great at math and information, though. I think I’m ready to spend more time following the markets, and information like yours, to make a much bigger nest egg. I’m reading from many sources, don’t worry… but I must say, you seem like a really reliable source. Thanks again very much!


    I just ready another bloggers insight on her allocation model for 2018. She opposes the I fund entirely.

    Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP): The Ultimate Guide for 2018

    I understand that TS Paul plans on going in C/I @ 50% each for 2018.

    Any thoughts?


    TS Paul

    Not to sound defensive, but that link is to a TSP overview post in which the author identifies the same problems with the TSP I Fund which I complain about in this post http://www.tspallocation.com/tsp-i-fund-in-tsp-allocation-strategy/

    In her most recent (January 2018) blog post, the author says that she believes that international stocks will outperform US domestic stocks. This is a non-TSP specific post, but I suspect that she and I would be in pretty close agreement about investing in the I Fund in these circumstances. The I Fund isn’t ideal, but it’s the best we’ve got for international exposure in the TSP.

    The TSP Allocation Guide www.TSPallocation.com


    What are your thoughts about maxing out TSP? I have heard of riding the wave of the market while contributing as much as possible into TSP (majority C fund with a mix up of S or I fund). Any tips for young investors with this approach? #frugality


    New to posting…wanted to post about personal capital. The services you mentioned in last update…What is your opinion? Is it beneficial for a person who utilizes TSP, has a Roth Vanguard (index), and Roth Fidelity (Index/target) to convert over to personal capital’s services with their fees? They want to manage the money that is in vanguard and fidelity with their recommended ETFs?
    FYI-I did upload to their free software and did speak with someone there for a “free consultation”.

    TS Paul

    I don’t see the need for anyone to manage my money (at least at this point in life), so I like Personal Capital just for the free tools they provide. I am sure that some folks who aren’t inclined towards learning about investing, just don’t want to be bothered or will be less stressed if the decisions are out of their hands, would be better off finding someone they trust and letting them handle their investing.

    The TSP Allocation Guide www.TSPallocation.com

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