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    Good afternoon everyone,

    First off let me just say I’m pretty new at this and honestly get confused with all the numbers and TSP talk. I’ve been spending a lot more time reading and trying to learn it all. So far I only have two years in as a Fed but i believe its time to start putting my money in the correct place so I’m set for retirement instead of doing it once i have 18 years and not much time left. I’ve been looking for websites that would assist in advising me where to move my money to and when and i came up on a a few like TSP Pilot, TSP Millionaire, and TSPKey and now this one. Of course the others charged for their advise and i could never find any reviews to back up whether or not their advise was worth paying for. I was reading a couple of the Monthly “Allocation Analysis” on this site and i saw that he post “BOTTOM LINE UPFRONT: I will be sticking with an allocation of 100% TSP C Fund in both my existing balances and new contributions this month (and probably for the foreseeable future).” Is this pretty much the advise i would of been paying for with the other services??? Also is this something i should do? Move everything to the C fund? Then just follow the monthly advise that he provides when it comes to moving the allocations to different funds? I know this is just advise he provides to us and it doesn’t have to be followed but i am willing to follow it and learn as i go along. So bottom line…I move 100% of my allocations to the C fund and follow along until the next move? haha I’m sorry but i like to ask a lot of questions.


    this is a good question. I would like to know the same thing as well. My goal is to retire in 15 years. I’m a little behind due to me not putting enough into my tsp for 5 years(I have $45,000 so far,not too good). I just increased my tsp 11% 3 weeks ago. I switched my allocations from 9% to now 5% going into my tsp 401k(60 s fund, 30 c fund and 10 g fund with my company matching 5%). I just started 5% in tsp roth. My goal is to contribute 15% within 3 year. I would like to leave out pretty decent. Is this a good plan so far? I’m not good with this. Any recommendations/suggestion from anyone is appreciated.

    Ray Nelson

    Hey guys. This site lays out its investment strategy unlike the others. They will charge you (quite a bit if you have a smaller account) and tell you where to put your money but they don’t do a good job of telling you why they are giving that advice. The basics are right on the front page and it is based on the business cycle not current events or some other short term criteria. The monthly news letter is based on the strategy of the site again not so much on current events but the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the economy. Overall, I would say the other advice sites will have a hard time matching the numbers this site obtains and you get the education as to why to go with it.


    First I want to thank TSPaul for a great resource of information concerning the TSP. It was on his website that I really got motivated last year in taking a more proative approach to my TSP account. Since that time, I have spent countless hours researching TSP strategies and educating myself on retirement under FERS. I have found numerous websites that discuss the TSP, but out of all of them, I think TSPcenter.com is one of the best. There you can find monthly strategies that have historical data going back as far as 1988. I am currently using one now that has me up by 11.77% year-to-date. And recently they have introduced what is being called a “daily seasonal strategy” with some of the plans hitting over 37% in average returns. While I have been impressed with some of these daily plans, I have decided to stick with my current plan for the remainder of 2017 to see how the top daily plan ends the year. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with TSPcenter.com other than being a user on the site. I simply offer this information as another tool for those investors who might be interested.

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