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    While probably foolish, I got out of the market awhile back when S fund was at $35.00. I’ve been in G fund ever since. Today S is at $36 and C at $28. I am grateful I found this site and the direction it offers, but I am unsure when would be a good time to get back in?


    Markets are currently high, 52 week range for S&P 500 $1,810.10 – 2,132.82, currently trading slightly over $2,100. Personally, I’m a little leery of getting in the market when it is near the high but it really depends on what you think long term outlook for the market is. You may want to see if there is a pull back after the Brexit vote outcome tonight. You can do it all at once or incrementally, but just remember that you are limited to 2 unrestricted IFTs per month, where you can allocate to any fund. After 2 IFTs, you can only move to increase G Fund. You can also change your contribution allocations so they will dollar cost average as designated. Good Luck

    TS Paul

    There’s that pull-back Anne was talking about. 🙂

    Will – one of the FAQs is somewhat responsive to your question:

    My default is to be in the market, so absent strong feelings which make me feel I should take the move slowly, I tend to make the move to where I want to be immediately and all at once.

    But as always, that’s just me and what I’m comfortable doing under my circumstances.

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    Thank you both for the feedback. If I do decide to transition back in at this time, at least I will now be buying shares at a lesser price than when I got out. Thank you all again!

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