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    TS Paul

    Apologies to all of you I owe responses to on the message board, Twitter and email. The server problems I was having ate up all of the time I had for the website in the past month as I tried to get a fix in place to prevent another crash when I sent out today’s update. Hopefully the three day weekend will be quiet and I will get a chance to catch up.

    I am also hopeful that we won’t see a repeat of crashes on days I send out updates. After a few days of dealing with Bluehost’s very pleasant, out-sourced customer support who were as overtaxed as my server and apparently forbidden from sending a response which wasn’t in their script, I finally bit the bullet and moved to a faster service.

    I also spent a lot of time working on the website itself, doing everything I could to speed the site up and strip out unnecessary features. We will see how that holds up later today, but I did go from some painfully slow ratings on speed test sites like YSlow and PageSpeed to some fancy green ratings in the 90s. Fingers crossed.

    I still have a number of internal links which were broken during the migration to the new server to fix. If you see any other problems while you are on the site, please do let me know.

    Thanks, TS

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