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    claude moore

    You mentioned

    There are several excellent books out there on the business cycle. My favorite (although it is a bit hefty at 502 pages) is Business Cycles: History, Theory and Investment Reality by Lars Tvede.

    Are there other books you’d recommend out there specifically on the business cycle?

    Also–for other readers out there–any online classes that go into the business cycle and indicators?

    TS Paul

    Two other good books on the business cycle on my shelf are:

    Ahead of the Curve: A Commonsense Guide to Forecasting Business and Market Cycles by Joseph H. Ellis

    Beating the Business Cycle: How to Predict and Profit From Turning Points in the Economy by Lakshman Achuthan

    I had really meant to add those to the Recommended Reading page and I will do that now with a bit more a description of each.

    I am not aware of any online classes on the subject, but if you find one please post a link to it here as I would be very interested in seeing it.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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