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    fed in rockville

    An off-topic request. I wanted to get a sense of what insurance companies and plans federal employees in the dmv area were using and how happy or unhappy they were with them.

    I’m not too happy with mine, so I’m thinking about changing.



    I don’t currently live in the area, but I always have used FFS plans that are nationwide. I used to drive through MD briefly everyday between home & work. I like FFS because you can go to any doctor you want but pay a little more for out of network providers. You may want to check with the doctors you want to keep and see what insurances they accept.

    I believe any Federal Employee can use Blue Cross(BCBS)/Blue or MHBP (despite the name); some like Compass & Foreign Service (FSBP) are limited to certain agencies. I’m just changed from BCBS to FSBP as I know someone that has it and loves it and BCBS is really expensive for the family option. OPM has a pretty good comparison tool

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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