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    These statements are my opinion.

    We are facing a volitile market that is in the downtrend now since we are facing low unemployment with multiple factors affecting the market(trade wars/Brexit/employment #ers). I have multiple coworkers that are discussing how I need to get out of the C fund after the down turn from Sept-Dec time frame.

    I am attempting to follow these cycle ideals. I have split my money 50/50 while trying to get what is left out of the C fund, while splitting my money in the G/F funds.

    This may be my naive attempt being on the newer age-range of investing. Please let me know what are others’ thoughts regarding investing now in this market phase.

    I am attempting to look at the big picture. Another presidental election up coming, still heated politics, unsure of how things will playout.

    I appreciate any useful input.

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