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    Hi, I have just retired from the Department of Justice with 25 years of service. I currently have $335 thousand in the TSP and with the poor January 2015 returns, coupled with not contributing any longer into the TSP, I panicked and moved to the G fund to stay safe. My question is this, I am only 50 years old and do not want to withdrawal from my TSP until I’m 60 years old in ten years. My goal is to see it reach $550 -650 by then. Do you have any recommendations? Do you have any cautions? I’m lost and need help with what direction to proceed. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

    TS Paul

    I like your user name.

    I can’t give individual advice, but I did address some nearing-retirement/post-retirement issues in this FAQ:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With a ten year horizon before you take the first dollar out of your Thrift Savings Plan, I believe you really have all the options of a new employee. We will go through at least one entire business cycle during that time frame.

    Don’t sweat the month to month returns, those are way too short to be meaningful. Anything shorter than a quarter gets a dismissive shrug.

    Good luck.

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