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    I have been in the TSP of 14 years, most of the time in the C fund. Over the years I have moved my contributions around and had balances in different funds, including the L funds. I recently did a interfund transfer to move all my money into the 3 current funds I am using C,S,G and I. Was that a mistake?


    TS Paul

    I don’t want to sound like I am judging what you or anyone else selects as a strategy, but I’ll tell you what I think about when I’m making my own decisions.

    I believe all of the TSP funds you are currently invested in are going to trend up over the next year – so there are no wrong funds there, just some which I think will do better than others. I am not currently in the TSP G Fund because I think the 1.5% interest is so small as to be almost meaningless and represents a lost opportunity when markets are setting new highs on almost a daily basis and I can be in the equity funds, but if you feel better knowing that portion of your TSP allocation is completely safe, there is nothing wrong with that.

    All of the funds are going to generally go up over a long enough period of time, so my strategy really focuses on picking the one or two funds which are likely to perform most strongly right now rather than investing in all of them.

    That you and I have different allocations doesn’t mean that one of us has made a mistake by any means, just that we are employing different strategies.

    The TSP Allocation Guide



    I dont mean my allocations I mean I had balances in the different funds and I moved them all to my 4 fund proportionately to my allocations. Does it mean the same thing?


    TS Paul

    It really means the same thing. When I refer to allocation, I am talking about both how my contributions are set as well as the percentage of the TSP fund or funds which I hold in my existing balance. When I change my allocation, I both change my contributions and conduct an intrafund transfer.

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