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    The markets been taking a beating lately, today Dow down over 350 points, at what point if the stock market goes down lower would you consider moving your TSP to the G Fund until things calm down or do you just leave it as is and hope that things will turn around soon, just wanted to get your thoughts on this.



    Well mid day today we are down over 200 points. At this time it would be hard to pull out of C-S-I because it may just go back up in a week or tow and you would be out 5% of your money.

    Then again if this is the 2000-3000 point correction…



    Yes that is the difficult dilema this makes, today at closing DOW down again over 530 points, thank you goodness I still have 9 more years to retirement, it’s dang if you do and dang if you don’t.



    It all depends on your time horizon. Selling low is bad, I’m pretty sure…



    I think is a great time to buy!


    TS Paul

    This looks like a pretty standard event to me. From my predictions for the Thrift Savings Plan at the beginning of the year in

    “As at the beginning of every year, I will confidently predict we will see four or five 5% corrections, and probably a 10% correction at some point (because that happens pretty much every year). With history as a guide, I am convinced the timing of those corrections isn’t predictable, and that the market will recover and move higher in each case within a matter of weeks.”

    Of course in the very next paragraph I talked about the risk posed by a Chinese financial crisis. I don’t think that is where we are at this stage, but I didn’t see Europe causing the damage it did to US markets in 2011 either.

    The TSP Allocation Guide



    This NY Times article is very much in line with TS Paul’s outlook. I thought it might be interesting to this board’s readers:



    Thank you Paul for the explanation and your earlier summary of the yearly behavior of the market. This greatly helped me, to leave my current allocation as it is, and not panic and sell much of my stock funds. I am really trying to just ignore all the chaos and keep my funds like they are set, and ride the wave of the market without panic. Thanks again!


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    Looks like people here blindly vote for whomever had an R next to their name, then they throw hissies when some won’t go along with them.
    imitation bvlgari 4 band ring rose gold

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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