How about this bull market!!!

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    How much longer will it run? Yes, yes, I know….no one knows anything but my 12-month TSP Personal Investment Performance (PIP) is now at 19.78% !! am I the only one getting a bit nervous? 🙂

    BTW allocation and balances at 70/15/15 C/S/I

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    TS Paul

    The bull market should continue – no bad economic news and nothing else on the horizon to tip us into a bear market in the near term. But I would have bet a lot of money on a 5% correction by now this year, so I agree that the current run has gone a lot longer than most and longer than I think anyone expected. Even when we see that correction, though, I don’t think there is any reason to think we won’t bounce back relatively quickly.

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    I’m always a bit nervous when we are at all time highs…but it keeps going up.

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