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    I’m age 44, and my allocation is 50/50 in S & I funds.
    My distribution is 59% S and 41% I for $33k.
    I want to start following your allocations, but I’m worried about the timing of transferring all but 15% of my I fund to the S. How do I know when to do this? Should I just change my contribution allocation for now?


    move some today. move some next month, and the month after that. You don’t want to get slaughtered if you move everything at once and buy at the top.

    TS Paul

    First off, definitely don’t make investment decisions based just on what you read here – this site is just supposed to provide food for thought. I don’t stress about my own investments at all, but I wouldn’t sleep at night if I started worrying about all of our readers.

    I covered my views on changing allocations all at once or over time on my FAQ page which you can find here:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Good luck.

    The TSP Allocation Guide

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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