G fund earnings (continued–Can't reply to OP)

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    The Activity Summary is actually calculated using Close of Business balance two days prior as the beginning balance if you look at the daily balances for each day from the Account Balance tab. If I choose 12/28 & 12/29 (1 day), the beginning balance is balance from 12/27 & the Ending Balance is 12/29; so it is calculating return for 2 rather than one day. It isn’t possible to calculate just one day in the activity summary.

    For some reason, it will not let me respond to the prior thread (says I must log in, which I did as evidenced by me being able to start new thread or reply option available in other threads)



    Thanks again, you might try the usual clear your cache or using another browser. I had a similar problem with firefox and this reply is working with chrome

    So your information is again helpful thanks.

    How intuitively unobvious that by selecting 1 day you actually get 2 days information. I have frequently checked one day “performance” after a stock market move etc and I would compare to the return on the G fund as a check on performance. No I did not check the numbers with a 10 key because I don’t own one and because it would seem obvious to me that one day means one day and if not then it should be explained on the website.

    Does this mean that when I look at 365 day returns I am actually seeing 366 days?

    When TSP got rid of AMS and put the new system in I was hopeful that this was a commercially competitive site. Not only is it not that full featured but it is, in this case, deceptive or just inept.

    I don’t know why the site can’t calculate #shares at end of current day times end of day share price – ((number of shares from end of previous day minus additions ) times share price of previous day) to give one day’s change.

    And if that is somehow difficult then the site should explain what what the results mean.

    Not your problem, just me venting



    lol I have ceased trying to understand the logic or the lack thereof. You can always send them a message within your account and see how they reply. I’m sure it makes sense to someone. It might be entertaining if nothing else. If you call in to the TSP line, I’m sure you would get a variety of answers depending on who you talk to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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