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    Browsing through the internet and happened upon your website and disseminations. I find your analysis both simplistic and enlightening. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the TSP world..

    I have 8 years with NASA and plan on retiring in another 8. Based on your articles, it really makes no difference where you are in relation to your retirement….you want your money to be working for you in the correct fund as dictated by the business cycle. While a big difference from my diversified norm, I can understand the concept. On to my questions….

    I currently have 3 sources of retirement monies..(not counting pensions or SS..)
    1 – My TSP account which is maxed out in contributions
    2 – My wifes 401k w/ Fidelity which is also being maxed
    3 – An old Fidelity 401K from a previous company that had terrible selections, so I recently rolled it over to a Fidelity Traditional IRA

    Question #1 – Based on #2 above, would you suggest a parallel technique with the best Small Cap Fund in my wifes 401K?? (and Large Cap, Fixed and Bond depending on cycle)..Currently I am diversified across Large, Mid, Small, Bond and Int)

    Question #2 – Based on #3 above, I now have access to all the Fidelity funds. Could you “recreationally” guide me towards Fidelity funds that would best match the F,G,S, & C? (While I understand ETF’s, I have never traded them and do not know the ramifications (if any) versus std Mutual Funds….)

    Question #3 – I will have approximately $3000 of discretionary money per month starting in December..(paid off house).. Any insight in to what vehicle I might start looking at that has the least amount of tax implications?

    Thanks for all the insight and I am looking forward to your first newsletter…..


    TS Paul

    Thanks for the kind words. I will take a shot at your questions, with all the usual caveats that this is just one guy’s water cooler comments and not at all a recommendation or advice.

    Question #1: I largely mirror in my other accounts what I am doing in my TSP, so most of what I have purchased in the last few years have been small cap funds of one flavor or another. I do own some other things (individual stocks, dividend producers, and a large cap value fund), but the majority is allocated towards the same general area as my TSP.

    Question #2: Fidelity has a partnership with iShares – do you have access to the iShares ETFs?

    Assuming you do, the C Fund equivalent would be IVV, the S Fund rough equivalent would probably be IJR (not an exact match, but same family), the I Fund would be IEFA, and the F Fund would be similar to AGG.

    Question #3: An extra $3000 per month coming in will create some stress as you feel pressured to put that to work. I would mainly set up automatic investments (1) to make it easier so I don’t have to fuss with it each month and (2) to keep me disciplined and prevent me from making emotional decisions based on short term market moves.

    Tax friendly destinations: Google “backdoor Roth IRA” – that will take care of part of it each year. And if you have children look at the educational savings accounts out there. Anything beyond those are outside of my experience. I do wind up with a lot of money flowing to a regular, fully-taxed brokerage account (but that’s one of those good problems to have).

    The TSP Allocation Guide


    Enjoyed every bit of your article.Much thanks again. Really Great. Sebron

    Watch Hallettsville ( 2009 ) Online HDQ

    HI Brian, thankyou. May include my mailing list and your mail and keep you submitted.

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