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    TS Paul
    I have 26.5 years of government service, and luckily I had 100% C fund for most of that time. I have recently added an extra comma and a 7th digit to my TSP balance. Yeah!

    I plan to retire in 3 years, and then draw about 4% per year from my TSP..

    If this were YOU, would you leave the 1M balance in the C and I, or would you take a different approach?

    Feel free to speak hypothetically, I am not asking for investing advice, I would just like to hear your opinion. 🙂


    Congrats! any tips for the rest of us!

    TS Paul

    Sorry, just catching up on the message board after being offline for a bit.

    If you crossed the million dollar mark back in September, the good news is that you will get to have all the fun of doing it again in the future as you almost certainly fell below it again during the recent downturn.

    I’m in the same place as you. I was comfortably over $1 million in my TSP and didn’t think it was likely I would be crossing that milestone again, but the $100,000 haircut I took over the past few weeks in the TSP has me back in the 900k’s.

    I don’t really have a retirement date in my head, but somewhere between three to seven years. I expect I will be working in some capacity after that, so not sure if I will be relying on TSP withdrawals at that point.

    So for what it’s worth, I’m not exactly, but somewhat similarly situated. And at this point I am still fully invested and will be for the foreseeable future.

    The TSP Allocation Guide



    I was not in a chatty mood for a while, as my hit was about 175K.
    I have most of it back now, I’m hovering around 50K short at the moment. I am enjoying the ride to 1M again. Hoping we recover completely before you see a phase change in the cycle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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