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    About 6 months ago, I went crazy and moved all my $$ into L2020. I have lost 2% every month since. I want to reallocate and I am wondering if there is a calculator that will tell me what my balance would be if I reallocate my money from L2020 to G, S, F, C funds. Do you know of such a calculator? I am 2 years from retirement and don’t want to lose more $$


    Don’t know of specific calculator, but see to you can see what the allocations were. Note: Link will open to the current allocation, but these change quarterly with G increase and the other funds decreasing)

    You can calculate the rate of return for each of the funds from the TSP site share prices or roughly from the equivalent benchmarks (see links below–adjust time period from when you started in L2020 to present to see how each performed) This will show you what is driving the decline. My guess would be primarily the ~15% in I Fund


    When you reallocate, they will take the end of day balance and reallocate funds based on the percentage you select. If you are afraid of losing money, G Fund is safe but you also won’t make much money either. This year F & C Fund have performed the best, but past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

    Year to date results:
    G Fund +0.96%
    F Fund +6.14%
    C Fund +3.97%
    S Fund +2.40%
    I Fund -5.01%

    Suggest you read and learn about each of the funds before you reallocate. Good Luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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