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    I am currently 6 years from retirement and generally don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I recently moved some of my money to the TSP C fund. I am currently 50% S, 40% C and 10% G. Is that too conservative in your opinion? Thanks for putting this site out there!


    TS Paul

    That sounds like a perfectly fine Thrift Savings Plan allocation to me. The only part that seems conservative is the 10% in the TSP G Fund, and if that helps you sleep at night it won’t have a major impact on your returns. I don’t expect there to be a huge difference in the returns of the TSP S Fund and C Fund this year as we are somewhere in that space between phases of the business cycle, although you never know how these things will play out.

    Good luck.

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    Andre G

    I have followed your suggestions and they have help my retirement. I currently have 200,000 in the G fund and my allocations are 75% in the S fund and 25% in the C. I have never moved money from the G fund to other funds as I am new to manipulating my TSP account. Should I leave the money that I have earned thus far in the G fund alone or would it be a good idea to take some the money out of the G fund and buy some of the C and S fund? And if so, how much? Thanks for the advice and website.


    TS Paul

    I am strictly forbidden from offering individual advice. In my own Thrift Savings Plan investing I would generally use the G Fund only as a safe haven when I believe the economy is entering a recession, although if I were within a year or two of needing to pull significant money out I would certainly consider putting some of those funds in that very safe vehicle.

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    Joe Warner

    Irish and Andre, how much you want in the G fund is what makes you most comfortable. My own philosophy is to keep about 2 years of expected retirement outlay in the G fund, for me that is about 11%, so if there is an unexpected downturn that isn’t caught in time my other funds have time to recover. I have read many financial advisers who recommend this “bucket” for people near or in retirement that is equal to 2 to 5 years of retirement disbursement.

    I wish I had known about a website like TPallocation when I first began investing in the 1980s.

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