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    What is the main difference between the C and S fund, is one better than the other for long term investment such as 8 to 10 year time frame ?


    Hello Bruin,

    In extremely basic terms:
    C – Stocks of medium & large US companies (~S&P 500)
    S – Stocks of small & medium US companies (~DOW)

    Look at the 10 Yr Compound for the different funds in the link below. If you intend to just leave it in one fund, the S fund will be higher (in general). The S fund is slightly more volatile so it’ll do better than the C fund when the market is doing well but worse when the market is not (again, in general).


    For a general overview of the funds:


    Have you opened your TSP fairly recently?


    Thank you Rhino for the information, I’ve had my TSP opened since September of 2009 when I entered Civil Service, always had mine in the L fund but after reading this site I figured I needed to get more aggressive since I will retire in another 10 years or so, since I am already retired from the military after 28 years of active duty, I’m putting in a large portion of my pay each month trying to get as much from TSP investment as I can when I retire around 64 years old.

    Nigel Nicholson

    I retired recently from 33 years DoD. This is my first time on your website. Do you post your track record on this site? I’m looking for information on how well your strategy has worked in the past.

    TS Paul

    I have always been leery about sharing my returns from before I started the website, because claiming returns from before I was posting them publicly just seems very sketchy. Now that I have been going for a few years though, I should at least have something up on the site somewhere summarizing the information from that period. I’ll put it on my to-do list.

    In the meantime, FWIW I was in the S Fund exclusively from the end of the downturn in 2009 until a few months ago when I changed to my current allocation. So the full years since 2010 have been 29%, -3%, 18.5%, 38.3%, and 7.8%.

    The TSP Allocation Guide www.TSPallocation.com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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