50% C / 50% I Fund – Where to go from here

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    At the beginning of the year I switched from 100% C to 50% C / 50% I. As we all know the returns for the I Fund have been very poor this year.

    C: +9.91%
    S: +12.84%
    I: -1.95%

    1. Why has the I fund preformed so poorly vs everything else?
    2. Should I keep 50% in the I fund and hope for a rebound? At this point I don’t want to chance the C or S fund.
    3. Should I just cut my big losses and put my 50% I fund into something else?
    4. If it is a short term, ie. trade war, issue that is keeping the I fund down, once it is solved with the I fund out preform the C and S?

    Without an update in a long time I am looking for some guidance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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