Dan Jamison’s FERS Guide (aka The FERSGUIDE)

Dan Jamison started his FERS GUIDE to help colleagues navigate the byzantine rules and quirks of the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) about twelve years ago with a page of notes which he shared with a few friends. Since that time the FERS GUIDE has grown to be the tremendously detailed resource which it is today. As a result, the FERS GUIDE is used as a reference by human resource managers across the federal government, is routinely distributed to new employees as part of their on-boarding process, and is relied upon by countless Feds as they make decisions from their first day on the job until the day they walk out the door.

The FERS GUIDE comes in two versions, one for most Federal employees, the other for Federal Firefighters, Law Enforcement Agents and Officers, and Air Traffic Controllers (who encounter some special situations due to a mandatory retirement age, earlier retirement eligibility and enhanced annuity calculations).

You can purchase the FERS GUIDE from Dan’s website at www.fersguide.com. (I don’t get anything if you buy it, I recommend it because it is just that good.)

The FERS GUIDE includes sections on:

  • FERS Annuity Benefits (Basic Annuity, Special Retirement Supplement, eligibility calculations, part time issues, Spousal Benefit Survivor Annuity)
  • Thrift Savings Plan (maximize contributions and matching, catch-up contributions, ROTH TSP, withdrawal procedures and requirements)
  • General Retirement Issues (best day to retire, maximizing unused annual leave, divorce issues)
  • Insurance Issues (FEHBP in retirement, Flexible Savings Accounts, long term care insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, disability retirement, Workers Compensation, death benefits)
  • Social Security
  • Retirement Pitfalls

Over the years of developing the FERS GUIDE, Dan has become an expert across the gamut of FERS and Thrift Savings Plan issues. He has developed a particular expertise in calculating actuarial present values for buy-outs of FERS annuities for divorcing federal employees, so you may want to consult with him if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation.

For more information and to get onto Dan’s mailing list, go to www.fersguide.com.

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  1. I found out from TSP that if you take out a one time loan, form 77 that u must submit the 77 before you send in the 70. If you send the 70 and then the 77 you will not get the loan…also, like you said, you can request the loan on the 70, however, it is done in percentages…which if you are taking out a loan for 1% or higher is not a problem…when the loan is small…example…6,000 out of say 500,000.00 it is difficult to request that loan in a percentage on the 70 form….thanks John

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